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Let It Out Performing Arts

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LIOPA September 2021 - May 2022 Regular Dance season classes are now preparing for their June 4, 2022 Spring Concert for  following classes and are Now Closed Ballet (Age 2), Ballet&Modern, Hip Hop, & Cheer. But Wait, the 2022 Summer classes are now being offered as of April 1, 2022 for enrollment- ENROLL TODAY! Here are the Instructions to enroll in the 2022 SUMMER Dance & Cheer Classes: 

  1. Go to

  2. Enroll by Completing the Registration & Waiver form

  3. Go to RCRC website

to Create an Account (if you do not have an account with RCRC) and enroll in Let It Out Performing Arts Classes.

  1. Go to Programs(click link below)
and Look for "Let It Out Performing Arts" to Enroll.

  1. Pay the Class Tuition

Note: Monthly Tuition is to be paid through the RCRC Web Page (click below):
If you have any questions, contact Ms. Melissa at 803.240.3360 or email at 

SUMMER 2022 Classes

Mondays (Starting June 6, 2022)
*Let It Out CHEER I (Ms. Melissa): 6:30pm-7:30pm ages 5 - 10 $60 a month
*Let It Out CHEER II  (Ms. Melissa): 7:30-8:30pm ages 11 - 15 $60 a month 
This Cheer Training Program was designed to teach beginners and experienced Cheerleaders about CHEER!. Cheerleaders will learn about Cheer safety,  Cheer Motions, jumps, basic tumbling, basic stunts, how to show spirit, Cheer Dance, Cheers, Chants, and execute sharp/tight movements. Cheerleaders will learn the 5 levels of Cheer. You don't want to miss this Summer Fun Cheer Training Class!
Tuesdays (Starting June 7, 2022)
*Tots Ballet (Ms. Drea): 6:30pm-7pm ages 2-3 $45 a month
Tots ballet will get your mini-mes up and moving this summer. This class will focus on nurturing gross motor movement, fine motor movement, and bilateral skills. Your tiny tot will learn the foundations of ballet such as saying hello to their toes and walking on their tippy-toes and simple choreography. Fun music and interactive activities will be incorporated into class as well.
Tuesdays (Starting May 3, 2022)
*Tap (Ms. Sam): 6:30pm - 7:30pm ages 4-8 $60 a month
Tap (Ages  4-8): This  class  is  designed  for  those  with little  to  no  experience  with  tap  dance.  The core  of  the  class  will  focus  on  the  development  of  the  basic  technical  skills  (shuffles,  flaps, pickups,  cramp-rolls,  ect.)  Students  will  also  learn  how  to  have  an  ear,  or  ability  to  understand music  and  the  rhythms.  We  will  strengthen  ankles  and  knees  while  also  using  other  skills  from other  forms  of  dance  to  create  really  fun  creative  dances.
Tap Proper  Attire: Leotards  black  or  pink  along  with leggings,  shorts,  or  tights.  Attire  can  be  very casual  with  the  ability  to  see  feet  and  ankles.  Please  make  sure  children  have  tap  shoes  on  and are  ready  to  dance  when  coming  to  class.
Tuesdays (Starting June 7, 2022)
*Blossom Ballet (Ms. Drea): 7pm-8pm ages 4-8 $60 a month
This summer dancers will continue to blossom and advance their ballet technique including barre, across the floor, and center combinations. Dancers will also work on the beginning foundations of turns and leaps, along with building an extensive ballet vocab. This summer fun games will be incorporated to get your dancer to blossom up. 
Thursdays (Starting June 9, 2022)
Modern Moves (Ms. Drea): 6:30pm-7:30pm ages 4-8 $60 a month
This summer our modern movers will work on their individual artistry learning basic modern techniques and choreography including floor work, performance skills, breath control, and improvisational skills. Fun games and activities will be incorporated this summer to keep your dancer learning and moving.
Thursdays (Starts May 5, 2022)
Jazz (Ms. Sam): 7:30pm-8:30pm ages 6-8 $60 a month
Jazz  (Ages 6-8): Introducing  dancers  to  the  jazz  genre and  basic  technical  skills  (  jazz  walk, chaine  turns,  single  pirouettes,  jetes,  and  kicks.)  Build  dancers’  style  and  confidence  while working  musicality  and  the  ability  to  pick  up  choreography  and  connect  steps  and  skills  together with  fun,  upbeat  music. 
Jazz Proper Attire: Leotard  any  color  with  shorts,  leggings,  or  tights.  Jazz  shoes of  the  tan  or  black  color  to  fit  properly,  hair  up  and  out  of  their  face. Comfortable  clothing  that  is  not restricting  to  movement  dancers  will  be  doing leaps,  splits,  and  kicks.

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